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27 August - Robert Cherry

When considering whether time is of the essence in relation to rent review clauses, it is worth noting the approach taken by the courts when considering and interpreting rent review... Read More


25 August - Richard Wade

The courts have been relatively quiet on the topic of rent reviews of late, however, with the commercial leasehold market picking up post-recession the question of rent reviews may become... Read More


14 August - Katharine Blackburn

Regulatory practitioners will be aware of the need to consider carefully whether individually or cumulatively particulars of an allegation can properly be said to reach the threshold for a finding... Read More


14 August - Bradley Albuery

An appeal against a striking off order by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal on the ground (amongst others) that dishonesty had been found by the Tribunal but had not been adequately... Read More


14 August - Lisa Parsons

It is not often I would be excited by an Act or a new law. It is part and parcel of a lawyer's job to keep up with changes in... Read More


14 August - Sophie Cisler

An appeal was made against a decision of the Conduct and Competence Committee of the Nursing and Midwifery Council which found that the Appellant's fitness to practise was impaired and... Read More


4 August

On 13 July 2015, we finally learnt of the court's decision in the battle between Sainsbury's and Bristol Rovers concerning the Bristol Rovers Memorial Stadium (Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd v Bristol Rovers... Read More