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28 December - Ben Coulson

The Government has recently announced changes to the procedure for applying for a grant of probate in England and Wales. The Non-Contentious Probate (Amendment) Rules 2018 ('the New Rules') form part of the... Read More


19 December - Rachel Giles

In the recent case of Re C (A child) [2018] EWHC 3332 (Fam), a decision has been made that it is not necessary for a Local Authority to inform a... Read More


19 December - Euan Mitchell

This October the Land Registry took a significant leap towards their goal of digitization, by partnering with tech-company and blockchain experts R3. In a deal potentially worth up to £2.25... Read More

case studies

18 December - Matthew Smith

In Williams v The Trustees of Swansea University Pension & Assurance Scheme and Swansea University the Supreme Court has provided useful confirmation on the meaning of "unfavourable treatment" under section 15 of... Read More


17 December - Tim Forer

This article was originally published on 17 December 2018 and updated on 5 February 2019 It's being hailed by the Government as the "largest upgrade in workers' rights in over... Read More


14 December - Rachel Gwilliam

Eighteen months after 72 people lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower fire, combustible cladding has been banned from use in all new high-rise residential buildings. Partner Rachel Gwilliam explains... Read More


14 December - Monika Jones

Following the Brexit referendum, the position of EU nationals in the UK has become part of the complex withdrawal negotiations. After months of uncertainty, in June 2018, the Government announced... Read More


14 December - Andrew Lane

In January 2018 a unique, mint condition item was put up for sale in an online auction house. Signed by Tyler Latham and created to commemorate his team’s victory in... Read More


12 December - Penny Rinta-Suksi

Research conducted by the Local Government Chronicle reports that the number of Councils investing in real estate has doubled in the last two years. Not surprising given the pressure on... Read More


Welcome to the second edition of the Blake Morgan Intellectual Property roundup. The range of the selected articles – from tackling counterfeiting and trademark infringement to the rise of artificial... Read More


7 December - Simon Burge

Simon Burge, a family law expert, takes a look at the use of a "living together agreement" in connection with a joint borrower mortgage for an unmarried couple, where only... Read More


7 December - Olivia Shenton-Taylor

Earlier this year we looked at how the test of capacity varies depending on the situation and how it may be possible that the threshold required for a person to marry... Read More