Family Mediation Vouchers: how do I apply?

18th January 2022

Since the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme's launch in March 2021, the Mediators at Blake Morgan LLP have been offering the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme to clients who are discussing matters relating to their children in mediation.

What this means is that they can claim a £500 voucher from the Government towards the cost of their mediation. This has been very popular and overall 4,400 vouchers have been applied for under the Scheme.

The application process is simple and Sophie Corke, our current trainee in the Family Practice group has been supporting applicants for the voucher through the process. As the Scheme administrators we have an obligation to report on the outcome at the end of the mediation but the clients also commit to providing feedback on how they found the mediation experience.

The data the Government has obtained so far has been overwhelming positive about the mediation process with 77% of cases reaching full or partial agreements out of court. As a result, the Government announced on 16 January that thousands more separating parents will benefit from this landmark family mediation scheme with an additional £1.3 million funds added. The funding will provide 2,440 additional vouchers for mediation services, with the aim of finding amicable solutions to couples’ disagreements and freeing up space in the family courts.

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