Eco-fashion founder speaks to Southampton businesses

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Mart Drake-Knight, one of the founders of eco-fashion company Rapanui, was the headline speaker at the latest in our series of Green Breakfasts in Southampton.

Mart Drake-Knight shared with an enthusiastic audience how the eco-fashion company seeks to challenge consumer behaviour towards purchasing clothing.

He revealed how the company aims to provide consumers with more information on products through the use of their eco-efficiency labelling system, which has adapted the labels used on energy products to show to consumer how ethical and energy efficient the item of clothing is.

Julian Dobson of our Sustainability and Climate Change team said: "Thanks to Mart for an inspirational presentation, we received some great feedback from attendees, inspired by Rapanui and their eco-story."

Mart is followed on November 19 by Jane Swan and Alex Watkins of environmental awareness programme The Green Blue, an organisation which aims to promote the sustainable use of coastal and inland waters by boating and watersports participants.