Employment Tribunal fees: An update

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It has been just over a year since the government introduced the payment of fees for commencing Employment Tribunal claims. The ongoing media coverage generated by this issue demonstrates just how significant the change has been.

A detailed analysis of the impact of Employment Tribunal fees was carried out by the TUC recently and its report “What Price Justice” reveals some key findings:

  • 80% fall in the number of women pursuing sex discrimination claims.
  • 26% fall in the number of women pursuing pregnancy discrimination claims.
  • 60% fall in the number of race discrimination and sexual orientation claims.
  • 46% fall in disability discrimination claims.
  • 70% fall in workers pursuing claims for non-payment of the national minimum wage.

The TUC have described Employment Tribunal fees as a "huge victory " for Britain's worst bosses.

Unison's appeal against the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees will be heard at the Court of Appeal sometime between 10 September to 10 December and this topic will continue to generate more media interest in the months to come.

If you would like to know more about the ongoing issues surrounding Employment Tribunal fees, please see our recent article on the topic.

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