Latest ACEVO survey on the 'Changing Face of Charity'

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The ACEVO has published the results of its most recent Social Sector Tracker Survey on the 'Changing Face of Charity', which focused on "charities’ engagement with opportunities for social investment, social financing, collaboration within and outside of the sector, and their developing use of social technology".

The results show a trend for expansion, with a significant emphasis on charities bidding for public service contracts in response to the "huge demands" on charities to deliver essential public services.  The results also show a low risk appetite across the sector and relatively slow response to changing trends, with only 15.8% of the charities surveyed confirming that they have used social media for marketing for more than 4 years.

The report suggests that there is potential for the new Minister for Civil Society, in shaping his agenda, to create a "brokering role" for Government in facilitating collaboration between businesses and charity, commenting that "social investment is but one tool and the Government needs to think about how it can best empower charities outside of this relatively narrow frame".