Be careful what you wish for…. the perils of getting clarity on our Brexit position.

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The dip today in the pound following the Sky interview with the Prime Minister on Sunday, and her careful comments about immigration control v single market membership  highlight three of the challenges for the weeks months and years of Brexit talks ahead of us.

First it shows the fragility of international, let alone national sentiment about our Brexit prospects. Yes it may just be currency speculators and their algorithms,  but it still has a destabilising effect on prices and confidence.

Second it shows that even beginning to articulate a UK negotiating positon opens up a whole new range if questions, - it settles nothing.  While "Remoaners" are crying out for clear public negotiating positions, in reality they are just opening positions and everything can and may well change, so let's hope that fragile market sentiment keeps calm(er).

Third the PM's comments look like a confirmation that the political goals of immigration and sovereignty, trump continued single market membership, (and they probably do), so business, and indeed the country,  needs to accept that fundamental political reality and priority.  Brexit does indeed mean Brexit, and the bits of Brexit that really count are immigration control and sovereignty.

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