Blake Morgan's GDPR Seminar – is your business ready?

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018 and will impact all businesses.  It makes the privacy and protection of personal data a business priority: your staff, as well as your customers, will expect you to take the new law seriously.  As will your investors and the UK data protection regulator ICO. Blake Morgan's recent survey has found that almost 40 per cent of organisations had not taken steps to prepare for the new law, often out of a lack of knowledge of what is involved and how the organisation will be affected.

GDPR is not solely the remit of the IT department: all HR practitioners, Finance Directors, Marketing Directors and Managing Directors need to get to grips with the new regime.

Getting your business ready for the GDPR is not just about regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of significant fines and reputational damage. Being compliant will enhance the value of your personal data assets and your business, will ensure your customers and those you do business with have confidence that their data is secure, protected and lawfully processed, and will give your staff and those who you want to recruit comfort that you take their data rights seriously.

Our seminar will give you the practical tips and information you need to get ready for May 2018.

Commercial Partner Simon Stokes will be talking about the effect of the GDPR on the key outward-facing areas of your business: customers, clients and third parties, and the changes that you will need to make to your policies, procedures and contracts to be compliant.

Employment Partner Oliver Weiss will be talking about the GDPR from a practical HR point of view, including its impact on recruitment and the need to update employment contracts as well as HR policies and procedures.

Event details

30 Nov 2017
Blake Morgan - London
8.00 am - Registration, breakfast and networking
8.30 am - Presentation starts
9.20 am - Q&A
9.30 am - Coffee and networking
10.00 am - Finish

No charge