Updated Environment Agency toolkit for food and drink manufacturers

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The Environment Agency has published an updated version of its toolkit for food and drink manufacturers.

It contains a set of easy to use templates that managers can use to ensure their operations are well managed and is an aid to compliance with environmental legislation on site.

The templates and the guidance which supports them is aimed at helping businesses to address four key issues on their sites:

  • Risks: what are the risks to the environment from the equipment and processes on site and are there alternative methods of achieving the same objects with less risk?
  • Equipment: is the equipment on site fit for its purpose, is it properly inspected and is the maintenance regime adequate?
  • Training: are all the members of staff familiar with the procedures, both routine and emergency, that they may have to use?
  • Emergencies: if there is an incident are the procedures adequate to deal with it so as to avoid or minimise the environmental impact?

The issues are focussed on the four potential sources of risk that affect most businesses in this sector:

  • Raw material storage
  • Plant operation and maintenance
  • Oil separator operation and maintenance
  • Material transport routes.

The templates offer assistance on the recording of raw materials, water, energy and waste and enable businesses to consider the nature and impact of emissions to air, water, sewers and land.

The toolkit is endorsed by the Head of Safety, Health and Environment Sustainability at Nestlé UK, who says that he is convinced that operations which follow the toolkit carefully will be able to achieve real bottom line business benefits.

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