Private Client Issues - September 2017

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Welcome to this month's edition of Private Client Issues, Blake Morgan's monthly round-up of the topics you may find of interest. 

Lasting Powers of Attorney: practical pitfalls – part 2: business interests

You may recall last month we featured part 1 of our LPA blogs and this month in part 2 we look at business interests. If you are a company director, partner or sole trader, having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place can ensure you protect your business interests should you lose capacity to understand and make your own decisions.  This article looks at how to avoid practical pitfalls when using an LPA to deal with your business interests and the obstacles you may need to overcome.

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'What a load of rubbish!' - Fly-tipping on private land

Fly-tipping is a crime that has recently seen a significant increase in reported cases, as recently noted by the House of Commons. The scale of the problem, which causes large environmental, social and financial effects, is of grave concern for private landowners. As more incidents of illegal waste tipping and storage are reported, Blake Morgan overviews the remedies available to private landowners and the preventative measures that can be taken.

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Boundary disputes to be overhauled

Boundary disputes are often a symptom of wider personal disagreements between neighbours which culminate in disproportionately bitter, protracted and expensive disputes. In the absence of agreement, boundary disputes are ultimately decided by a single judge in the County Court or in the specialist property tribunal. The tribunal alone receives approximately 1200 cases per year. But a reformed Property Boundaries Bill has just stalled. Blake Morgan looks at what is it intended to do and question: will it ever see the light of day?

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Child maintenance – when capital assets outweigh income

Child maintenance is payable for the benefit of the children when parents separate and the children live primarily with one parent and spend some time with the other. A recent child maintenance case has highlighted the difficulties parents face when the paying parent appears to have very little or no income, but substantial capital assets. Blake Morgan looks at the case and how this situation has come about.

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Sharing photos online – the risks of Copyright Infringement

With new social media platforms and photo sharing apps becoming more and more popular the risk of copyright infringement through the sharing of photography is more present than ever. Blake Morgan looks at the possible legal implications of what you do on social media. 

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If you are impacted by any of the above topics or you would like further information on how we can help you, please contact your usual Blake Morgan adviser. 

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