Campaign for new cycling laws

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Commenting on the case of a former courier who knocked down and killed a mother-of-two while riding an illegal Olympic-style racing bike, Criminal and regulatory lawyer, Tim Williamson, at leading law firm Blake Morgan, comments:

"The family's fight for a change in the law is extremely courageous and a new law would have a number of advantages, most significantly it would enable parliament to think about what sort of sentence ought to be imposed for such serious and grave offending as in this case.

"The proposed new law would lead to a new definitive sentencing guideline being drawn up by the Sentencing Council, which ought to lead to consistency in the approach to sentencing. This would mirror the dangerous and careless driving offences which currently apply to motorists.

"While there can be no denying that the law did its job on this occasion, and the offence created back in the reign of Queen Victoria actually worked well in 2017, any change in the law that helps prevent other families from suffering the devastating consequences of offences like this should be welcomed."

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