Morgan Cole collects for Connect Well winter project

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As part of Connect Reading’s ‘Connect Well’ project Morgan Cole arranged a collection of warm clothing, food and sleeping bags to help the homeless during this winter period.

The donations were giving to the Churches in Reading drop in centre (CIRDIC). CIRDIC provides food, a place to wash, clean clothes and support services to vulnerable and homeless people in the town. After Connect Reading put out a call for local businesses to help support local homeless charities this winter, Morgan Cole got straight to work with an office collection.

Nayan Mesuria, Litigation Executive at Morgan Cole LLP said: "Everyone at Morgan Cole have been very enthusiastic to donate winter clothes and food to this initiative. A lot of staff believe that local business have a responsibility to ensure that the local community, to which it serves, is in turn assisted in this way. We are very pleased to have contributed to the "Connect Well" project and we aim to continue our support."

Mabel Boyd, CIRDIC centre manager said: "We are very grateful to Morgan Cole for their very generous clothing donations. This was very helpful as clean clothing is needed every week and this is a huge support to our charity and those people we support. A Big thank you from CIRDIC".