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22 October - Edward McMullen

Whether there is to be a no-deal exit from the EU or an agreement providing for exit over an extended transition period, there is no doubt that leaving the EU... Read More


22 October - Penny Rinta-Suksi

Whether the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal or is able to reach a withdrawal agreement for Brexit to take affect over a defined transition period, Brexit... Read More


11 October - Debra Gers

EU nationals living and working in the UK are increasingly anxious about what the future holds. There has been an unlawful suspension of Parliament, the so-called Benn Act requires the... Read More


10 October - Ben Evans

As we near 31 October 2019 and the prospect of a No Deal Brexit we revisit the subject of intellectual property and the impact a No Deal Brexit will have... Read More


All organisations that process information about identifiable individuals (personal data) must ensure that their operations can continue lawfully after Brexit. In this guide, our expert data protection team outline potential issues... Read More


9 April - Bruce Potter

Brexit preparation while sailing unchartered political waters The view from Bruce Potter, Chairman of Blake Morgan. Amidst the sound and fury of a full scale leadership challenge inside the Conservative... Read More


28 March - Katie James

With "Brexit Day", 29 March 2019, drawing immediately close without any sign of deal, we take a look at what a no-deal Brexit would mean for insolvency practitioners. The EU... Read More


13 March - Bruce Potter

At a time when we need less drama, this week in parliament has sometimes risked farce.  So the Spring Statement gave the Chancellor the opportunity to play the straight man... Read More


26 February - Marian Harris-Deans

As Brexit draws closer and the noise of nervous speculation grows louder local authorities will welcome clear advice regarding the effect of leaving the EU, especially in a no-deal scenario.... Read More


6 February - Monika Jones

With the threat of a 'no deal' Brexit becoming ever more possible, where are we with the migrant status of EU nationals already in the UK and those who have... Read More


6 February - Ben Evans

Following the rejection of the EU Withdrawal Agreement by Parliament on 15 January 2019 the chances of a no deal exit from the EU, on 29 March 2019, have increased... Read More


31 January - Lee Fisher

As the Prime Minister and her negotiating team prepare themselves for another tense round of negotiations in Brussels, Lee Fisher, a partner in Blake Morgan's Dispute Management team and  accredited... Read More