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18 March

A guide for overseas businesses in determining whether COVID-19 triggers force majeure under their English law contracts. As expected we are seeing an increasing number of queries regarding the circumstances... Read More


17 March

Guidance on when contract parties affected by Coronavirus may be able to rely upon Force Majeure clauses. The purpose of a Force Majeure clause is to define events that would excuse... Read More


13 March

The consequences of Coronavirus are many and varied, including impacting existing commercial contracts. This article focuses on the position where Coronavirus affects a party's ability to perform their obligations under... Read More


3 March

Drafting contracts requires anticipating the future. Your legal team need to be thinking about the events which can cost you.  If you are not properly protected, Coronavirus has the potential... Read More

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10 February

The High Court has this week (Tuesday 15 September 2020) handed down judgment in the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) business interruption insurance test case, which will no doubt be of... Read More