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11 May

This month in our Healthcare update, we look at the High Court's judgment in a case brought by Worcestershire County Council seeking to judicially review the decision made by the... Read More


10 May

President Biden confirmed a u-turn on 5 May on the US's previous position in respect of the patents on Covid vaccines, stating that the US now support a waiver of... Read More


6 May

The Government has announced that the usual methods of conducting manual right to work checks must resume on 17 May 2021 and the current concession which has been in place... Read More


23 April

Temporary relaxations of rules for holding company meetings and filing accounts aimed at minimising the spread of COVID-19, in place since June of last year, have now come to an... Read More


14 April

In February 2021, the Women and Equalities Committee published a report on how long-standing gender differences and inequalities for women have been exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic and the furlough... Read More


13 April

Businesses have a duty of care towards their employees' wellbeing whether or not they are working from home or on furlough. Read More


8 April

Welcome to this month’s edition of Private Client Issues, Blake Morgan’s monthly round-up of the topics you may find of interest. It features insight and advice on developments affecting private... Read More


29 March

This month in our Healthcare news update, we look at the recent case where the Court of Protection has ruled that a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) can administer a COVID-19... Read More


25 March

Kate Garraway's documentary 'Finding Derek', which aired on Tuesday 23 March 2021, gave a harrowing insight into the detrimental impact of long-term COVID. Kate is well-known as a presenter on... Read More


Crucial employment law developments and current challenges were discussed by our panel of experts at our employment law webinar on 22 April. Read More


24 March

The Court of Protection has ruled that a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) can administer a COVID-19 vaccination in the best interests of someone despite objections from the man's father. Read More


18 March

It has been over three and a half year since the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, and it’s also been three and a half years of torment for many who find... Read More