Charity Commission implements actions set out in response to Public Accounts Committee

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The Charity Commission has published a Treasury Minute confirming that it has accepted all of the recommendations made by the Public Accounts Committee in its June report about the Charity Commission, and has already implemented many of the recommendations.

The Public Accounts Committee's inquiry was in response to criticisms following the Charity Commission's management of the Cup Trust case.

The Commission has confirmed that "it is working increasingly closely with HMRC, including by developing a joint portal allowing charities to apply simultaneously for registration as a charity with the Commission and for recognition as a "charity for tax purposes" with HMRC. The proposed system will maintain independent decision making by the two authorities, but will allow them to work more closely together."

In addition, the Commission has confirmed that since the Cup Trust was registered in 2009, it has tightened up its registration process and implemented a new "risk framework and assessment processes which identify complex structures, including links to other companies, as high risk, allowing the regulator to ask probing questions where it has concerns."