SRA Intervention: Where are my documents and money?

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If Blake Morgan has participated in an intervention into a law firm holding your documents within the last few months, these documents are likely to be in our possession. The documents will be being held safely at one of our offices near Southampton, Hampshire. Click on the link to apply to have your documents released.

If an intervention in which Blake Morgan participated occurred more than a few months ago or Blake Morgan did not participate in the intervention in question, then the Solicitors Regulatory Authority will know the location of your documents. In order to arrange their release you should contact the Solicitors Regulation Authority by writing to:

Interventions Archives
Solicitors Regulation Authority
Unit A
Colonnade Point
Pro Logis Park
CV6 4BX.


If the intervention in question was conducted recently and Blake Morgan was the appointed agent for the Solicitors Regulation Authority, then Blake Morgan will be holding all client money in the possession of the intervened solicitor as at the date of the intervention. Blake Morgan is in charge of using the intervened firm's records to try to establish who is due what monies from the intervened firm. For more information click on the link what happens to monies previously held by the intervened firm.

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