Charity Commission – Funding Update

Posted by Kirsteen Hook, 26th March 2018
On 22 January 2018, the Charity Commission announced that it had been awarded additional government funding of £5 million per year. This was as an interim solution to help it respond to an increase in demand on its core regulatory functions, including registration and compliance.

Charities and their legal advisors will hope that this funding will be implemented as quickly as possible to help deal with delays in charity registration applications.

The Commission has confirmed that it plans to launch a formal consultation later this year on whether the largest charities should make a modest contribution to the regulator’s enabling work.

While the Commission is working on detailed proposals, it expects to consult on seeking contributions from registered charities with annual incomes of over £5 million. It aims to raise around £7.5 million from the 2000 largest charities.

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