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Delayed consultation on the transfer of Consumer Credit Regulation to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

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The publication of a consultation paper on the new regulatory regime for Consumer Credit was due to be released in January. More …

The interest rate swap scandal - An update

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Interest rate swap scandal

In July last year I wrote an article on the mis-selling of interest rate hedging products. I was pleased that the FSA was finally taking action on what I considered to be a long standing mis-selling issue with small businesses being pressurised, often at the last minute, to purchase these products with no explanation or understanding of the risks involved. More …

The emotional impact of personal injury on relationships

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I was interested to read the article by Sheena Munraknah in the April PI Focus Volume 23 Issue. Sheena's article dealt with personal injury and relationship breakdowns. More …

Wall of evidence

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An interesting judgement was handed down on Friday by the High Court as to the evidence to be used in claims issued in England and Wales where foreign damages are to be assessed. More …