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Developers buying houses- watch out for the SDLT

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Stamp Duty Land Tax Rates

As buses often come in threes, so do the SDLT questions I am asked. I have had a spate of issues to consider recently where a development company buys a site including a house. More …

The clock is ticking for Right to Buy

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The clock is ticking and time is running down for Housing Associations to decide whether to accept, voluntarily, the Right to Buy extension or allow it to be imposed upon them by statute. More …

Interpreting contracts - Can you vary a non-variation clause?

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No agreement would be complete without the customary “non-variation” clause sitting proudly amongst the boilerplate. More …

Difficult conversations at work

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The Chartered Management Institute’s article on the Top Ten Difficult Conversations shows that a third of us in Britain, find it harder to discuss feedback on poor performance than to dump a partner. More …

Is it still safe to rely on Safe Harbor?

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Recent developments in a case involving Facebook have cast further doubt on the future of ‘Safe Harbor’, which is a widely used framework to enable the transfer of personal data from the EU to the US. More …