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I recently read an interesting article on "How to talk to anyone: an expert's guide". You can read it here. It strikes me as a relatively light-hearted guide for people to refer to for tips, without being too onerous to read! As a lawyer, I particularly like the tips for how to talk to strangers. This could be useful in both a networking situation with other professionals, or when meeting new clients.

It got me wondering though, if my clients were to read something like this, tailored to them, they would be aided in talking to ex-partners or children, communication being in my opinion one of the hardest aspects following a relationship breakdown. I thought I would look into what services there are in my local area Southampton, and wider in Hampshire, for spouses and parents who might like some assistance in communication.

To my surprise, it was actually quite difficult to pin anything down. Whilst a Google search brings up mostly family lawyers and mediators, it is difficult to find help with solely communication.

Looking further though the Google results, I found that Relate offer some guidance on talking to children and spouses, and they have centres across the country, including one in Southampton and one in Eastleigh. There is also a specific guidance service in Southampton and Dorset, offering help generally, with a range of services from self-help, through to meetings with a healthcare professional. This may not be aimed at communication directly, but improving how you are feeling may be the first step in communicating effectively.

Whilst it may be difficult to find, there is help out there, and no one should be shy of asking for such help!

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