The press and the "Quickie Divorce"

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There is nothing more frustrating as a family lawyer than seeing the press report about "Quickie divorces". This has come up again today as Decree Nisi was pronounced in the divorce of Anthea Turner and Grant Bovey.

The Decree Nisi hearing (which lasts only a few minutes) that has taken place is a formality within every divorce and is the public reading of the entitlement for one party to divorce the other. Decree Absolute, which legally dissolves the marriage, can then actually take place 6 weeks later (if the petitioner chooses to).

This is NOT is the timeframe for getting divorced, the time and effort spent in them resolving the financial issues or arrangements for the children. The Decree Nisi hearing is one small part of the whole process, and although it will be read out in a few moments, does not mean the process was started and finished in that timescale. Anthea and Grant are still legally married until decree Absolute has been pronounced

A divorce itself, is unlikely to ever conclude in much shorter time than 3 months, due to the paperwork and time limits dictated within legislation. In most cases, as Decree Absolute is not commonly applied for before the financial issues are resolved, the timeframe is more commonly 6 months to 12 months. For more information on divorce and the procedure, why not read our guide on divorce.

Regardless of how famous you are, there is no shortcut to the divorce process in this country.