Self-build homes favoured by the Government

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Lord Neuberger says the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg is not supreme. David Cameron is looking isolated in Europe. However, we are looking to Europe regarding self-build homes.

In a recent announcement, the Planning Minster, Nick Boles, said that those people who want to build their own homes will, under the Government's Right to Build scheme, be able to register with their local Council so that they can received information as and when sites identified by the Council which are suitable and ready for a self-build home become available. Self-build homes in Germany, France, Italy and Austria account for between 60% and 80% of all new homes: in this country the figure is 10%.

Recent research suggests that in excess of 1m people want to self-build and there is no doubt that such a large number of self-build homes would go a long way to helping the government achieve its housebuilding targets of 200,000 new homes per year.