"Social investment explained" guide issued by Social Enterprise UK

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Social Enterprise UK has produced a new multi-media resource on social investment for charities and social enterprises.

The resource is aimed at trustees, chief executives and members of staff of VSCE organisations (voluntary and community organisations and social enterprise) who want an introduction to social investment.

It incorporates a guide entitled "Social Investment Explained", which begins by defining what constitutes a social investor: someone who wants to get their money back, often with interest, and to see their investment produce a positive social change. It then provides guidance on how to assess whether social investment is right for your organisation, whether your organisation is "investment ready" and goes on to consider the types of social investment available.

The guide provides links through to case studies, films of charities and social enterprises that have taken up social investment, a diagnostic tool aimed at finding out if an organisation is investment ready, resources to help organisations find funds and investors looking to invest and a link to a social investment news and information forum.

The guide can be accessed here.