A taste of Family Law

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I recently was asked to have a work experience student studying Psychology at Nottingham University, but considering studying Law in the future, join me for the day.  She has kindly shared her experience below:

"So the life as a lawyer… No matter how many articles read or fictional television programmes watched, promising to reveal ‘all you need to know about a career in law', nothing compares to following a solicitor’s every move to gain a true insight into their work.

My day began with a tour around the family law office and the signing of a client confidentiality agreement. I was a little nervous on arrival, as a non-law student not quite sure what to expect from the day but the warm-hearted welcome I received from staff and the relaxed ambience of the office immediately put me at ease. I flicked through 4 large folders filled to the brim with forms, notes and briefs providing a comprehensive summary of the anonymised cases. I enjoyed reading through the sources, surprised by the depth of investigation and care taken to file all relevant paperwork in a logical and ordered fashion.

At 11am the first client arrived and I listened attentively, engrossed by the casual yet informative interaction. I was impressed by the solicitor’s ability to communicate in a tone appropriate to the individual and her elucidative manner, ensuring she clarified all of her proposals to fully inform the client (and myself!) of the proceedings.

The rest of the day progressed similarly and I feel like I benefitted greatly by the hour from the first-hand experience I gathered. I have been inspired by the proficiency, sincerity and professionalism of the lawyers at this firm and I am grateful for such an invaluable experience.

Law as a career option, thanks to a day spent with Blake Morgan, is now my favoured route on graduating from University.

Thanks to the staff at Blake Morgan for making my day an enjoyable and insightful experience".