Marriage and wealth preservation – what our survey tells us

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Marriage and wealth preservation
Where previously pre-nuptial agreements may have been thought of as being reserved for the rich and famous, there has been a notable rise in awareness of the benefits of pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Many individuals are now actively considering what would happen financially if their marriage were to break down. Blake Morgan's survey demonstrates the market perception. 

In today's society the family structure of '2.4 children' is becoming less common, and more frequently we are seeing second marriages and blended families.

In both straight forward family arrangements and the modern structures, wealth protection is often a concern. And rightly so, many clients feel that you should be able to decide what happens to your finances should you separate from your spouse or pass away.

Pre-nuptial and /or post-nuptial agreements can be used as a tool to provide more clarity and reassurance to couples, so that they have more certainty about how their finances would be treated if they were to divorce, annul their marriage or separate. Many clients are reassured to think that they could protect money gifted to them by family members or wealth generated prior to the marriage.

These agreements can also help where one party to the marriage dies, and wishes to protect their assets for their children, in the event the other partner remarries.

With more couples now turning to pre and post-nuptial agreements, Blake Morgan sought the views of financial advisers to assess the trends and perceptions in the market place around such agreements.

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