Professional Regulatory press releases - August 2014

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The BSB publishes Annual Report for 2013-14

(Bar Standards Board 28/07/2014)

The Bar Standards Board has published its 2013-14 Annual Report.

Evaluation helps hospital inspection development

(Care Quality Commission 30/07/2014)

A report published by the Care Quality Commission evaluated the first two waves of their 'new style' hospital inspections. The report covers inspections carried out in 18 hospital trusts between September 2013 and April 2014. 

Getting inspections right for children and young people

(Care Quality Commission 04/08/2014)

The Care Quality Commission has published a report underlining the importance of hospital services for children and young people.

Progress report a year after trusts placed into special measures

(Care Quality Commission 04/08/2014)

The Care Quality Commission has published a joint report with Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority which shows the progress of the 11 trusts put into special measures in July 2013.

Sir Robert Francis QC asks NHS to speak up on whistleblowing

(Care Quality Commission 07/08/2014)

Non-executive Board member, Sir Robert Francis QC, was asked to lead the public inquiry in June at the request of Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt. This independent review into whistleblowing will look at how staff can be supported and encouraged to speak up about their concerns.

A quick guide to our consultation on guidance for services

(Care Quality Commission 08/08/2014)

The Care quality Commission has produced a 'quick guide' to their consultation on the guidance to help services meet new fundamental standards.

NMC launches consultation into paying fees by instalments

(Nursing and Midwifery Council 11/08/2014)

The Nursing and Midwifery Council ["NMC"] launched a consultant on a rule change which would allow nurses and midwives to pay their annual NMC registration fee via instalments.  The consultation will run from 11 August 2014 to 3 October 2014.

GDC defends consultation on fee increase

The General Dental Council ["GDC"] has rejected claims made by the British Dental Association ["BDA"] that the current consultant on the level of the Annual Retention Fee is unlawful. The BDA has threatened judicial review action and has requested that the current consultation is suspended.  The current consultation was launched on 30 June 2014 and closes on 4 September 2014. 

Special measures to target failing GP practices

(Care Quality Commission 13/08/2014)

The Care Quality Commission announced plans to introduce a new 'special measures' regime for GP practices. The scheme aims to see practices which offer poor care, to be given deadlines to make improvements and be faced with closure if they fail to adhere to such deadlines.

Our plans to regulate dental care services 

(Care Quality Commission 18/08/2014) 

The Care Quality Commission has published plans on how they intend to inspect dental care services from 2015.

GPhC and NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services strengthen working relationship through MoU

(General Pharmaceutical Council 19/08/2014)

The General Pharmaceutical Council ["GPhC"] and the NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services ["CFS"] have produced a memorandum of understanding ["MoU"] to ensure a better working relationship. The MoU involves regular contact between the parties and the open exchange of information.

Government approves Trailblazer Apprenticeships in Law

(Chartered Institute of Legal Executives 20/08/2014)

The Government has approved the standards for apprentices to become chartered legal executives, solicitors or paralegals as meeting the requirements for the 'Trailblazer Apprenticeships in Law' initiative.

GDC tackles illegal practice by working with ASA

The General Dental Council ["GDC"] has been working with the Advertising Standards Authority ["ASA"] to try and cut down on illegal dental practice in the marketplace.  The two parties have made a joint commitment to try and deal with misleading and harmful practice. This will involve mutual referrals to each organisation in cases involving the illegal practice of dentistry and the use of misleading advertising.

New ‘middle tier’ accreditation for veterinary surgeons launched

(Royal College Veterinary Surgeons 21/08/2014) 

From September 2014 the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons ["RCVS"] will start accepting applications for the Advance Practitioner status, a new 'middle tier' accreditation between veterinary surgeons holding a veterinary degree and RCVS Specialists. 

General Chiropractic Council Newsletter published

The General Chiropractic Council’s August 2014 Newsletter gives an update on the Council's latest activities.

Major consultation to improve patient protection and public confidence in doctors

(General Medical Council 22/08/2014)

Far-reaching proposals have been made by the General Medical Council ["GMC"] as part of a consultation on how doctors should be dealt with when serious complaints made about them are upheld. The consultation runs from 22 August 2014 to 14 November 2014. 

2013 ARB Annual Report shows some landmarks have been reached

(Architects Registration Board 26/08/2014) 

The ARB has published its 2013 Annual Report. 

GPhC launches 'MyGPhCpharmacy' online tool for the renewal of registration for pharmacy premises

(General Pharmaceutical Council 26/08/2014)

The General Pharmaceutical Council ["GPhC"] has launched a new online tool to replace the old paper based system for the renewal of pharmacy premises registrations.  The tool has already been rolled out to pharmacies whose registration expiry dates from October 2014.

New process for nurses and midwives trained overseas will register hundreds each year

(Nursing and Midwifery Council 27/08/2014)

The Nursing and Midwifery Council ["NMC"] are changing the way that nurses and midwives from overseas are registered. Nurses and midwives who trained outside of the European Economic Area ["EEA"] will face new assessments of eligibility before gaining entry on to the NMC register. 

One week to comment on how NHS will be honest and accountable

(Care Quality Commission 29/08/2014) 

The Care Quality Commission has offered the public one week to comment on the guidance on how all NHS trusts across England can meet the government’s new duty of candour and the fit and proper persons requirements.

Healthcare at Home follow up inspection GPhC Statement

(General Pharmaceutical Council 01/09/2014)

The GPhC follow-up inspection found that Healthcare at Home have made some progress in implementing the recommendations in April this year.  However further improvements are still needed. 

Review of our response to events at Lancaster care home

(Care Quality Commission 01/092014)

Following a Learning Review by Lancashire Safeguarding Adults Board in relation to Hillcroft Throstle Gove in Lancaster published in June 2014, the CQC has published its own report into their involvement. 

GOC recruiting two new members of Council

(General Optical Council 01/092014)

The General Optical Council ("GOC") is recruiting a lay and a registrant member to its Council.

The new appointees are expected to take up their posts on 1 January 2015.