Russell Group Universities say that plans to remove cap on student undergraduate enrolment should be scrapped

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In his autumn statement, George Osborne announced plans to remove the cap on student undergraduate enrolment with effect from September 2015.

However, in the light of a report published by the Higher Education Policy Institute, which considered the impact of the implementation of such a policy in Australia, the Russell Group is calling for the government to drop plans to remove the cap. The report highlights that Australia experienced an increase in student numbers far beyond that anticipated, with the resultant unexpected increased costs to the government.

The removal of the cap and the likely increase in student numbers in the UK was originally planned to be financed through the sale of the government student loan book, but Vince Cable has announced that this will no longer be going ahead. Concern is therefore being expressed by the Russell Group that the likely additional costs will come out of the research and higher education budget and/or lead to less funding per student.

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