Blake Morgan "wizards" have trainees under a spell

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Legal wizards at Blake Morgan have been compared to the talented founders of Hogwarts by a prominent guide for graduates who want to get into the profession.

The firm came highly recommended by the Lex100, which compiles an annual student guide to the UK’s premier law firms.

The guide gathered more than 3,000 anonymous responses from trainees at 173 law firms – and Blake Morgan clearly had many under its spell, prompting the guide’s authors to make a reference to Harry Potter’s famous fictional school.

The Lex100 noted: “If the firm were a fictional character it would be the Hogwarts founders – talented people who have come together to create an amazing centre of learning.”

On a more serious note, the guide referred to the firm as “large enough to provide a breadth and depth of high-quality work” for trainees but “small enough to provide a significant degree of responsibility”.

It says trainees gain “great exposure to a broad spectrum of work for high-level and prestigious clients” and a “good level of responsibility and support”.

Training at the firm was described as a “superb experience” with “fantastic” and “inspiring” lawyers, a good work/life balance, a welcoming culture and a strong regional presence for ambitious trainees.

Mike Wilson, Managing Partner at Blake Morgan, said: “The Lex100 is one of the most respected guides for graduates who are seeking a career in law, and is compiled from the reactions of trainees themselves, so I am delighted to see the Blake Morgan magic in action.

“We place a great emphasis on training and development within the firm, with many of our lawyers having joined us as trainees. This listing is recognition of how much we value and invest in our greatest asset, which is the people who work here.”

Trainees who responded to the Lex100 were ask to assign scores to their firms according to 13 different criteria of trainee life - job satisfaction, living up to expectations, work quality, client contact, stress levels, work/life balance, friendliness, social life, vacation scheme, confidence of being kept on, remuneration and diversity and international secondments.

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