Career Case Study: Mark Turnbull

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Mark Turnbull is a Partner in the Banking and Finance team who qualified at the firm.

I applied to the firm in 2001 after finishing my geography degree and law conversion course.  It appealed to me for several reasons.  it was once of the biggest firms with the best reputation within the area and it had a well-developed and structured training contract.  As it was a full-service law firm, the opportunities were significant, which also appealed as I was not sure what I wanted to specialise in.

The secondment opportunities were also great.  There were, and still are, some great opportunities for secondment to firms locally such as BAE, NATS and IBM, where you get the chance to work in-house.  It's exciting to go into a new organisation, see their industry first hand and understand what companies are seeking from their external counsel.

The experience it give you for your future career is invaluable.  Following my secondment to NATS, I was effectively Client Manager, which helped me on my journey to become partner. Those opportunities, two years post qualification, may not have happened with a city firm or smaller regional firm.

Work/life balance is another big part of the appeal of being part of this firm. We work long hours when it's needed, but across the year there is a good balance.