Successful defence of careless driving charge

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Mr W was charged with careless driving.  It was alleged that he drove his Jaguar carelessly in that he knocked over a cyclist while attempting to turn left at a set of traffic lights in South West London. 

Mr W argued that he had been driving carefully and that it was the cyclist who was to blame for the incident and that he was indicating he was intending to turn left.  He maintained the cyclist was travelling too quickly and ought not to have driven into his car. 

The case came to a trial before Wimbledon Magistrates Court.  The District Judge heard evidence from the cyclist and several eyewitnesses as well as Mr W.  The Judge accepted Mr W's evidence and found him not guilty of the charge. 

Mr W was relieved that he did not have to pay a fine nor have his driving licence endorsed with any points – particularly since he was at risk of a lengthy disqualification had the court endorsed his licence with many more penalty points. 


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