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Select a distinctive name

Check company names, the UK IPO trademark register (, and carry out
a Google search to try and avoid names and logos thatare already in use by others.

Secure a copyright

If you engage someone to design your brand, make sure they assign copyright
in it to you.

Protect your mark

Make sure you apply for a registered trademark. This gives you a monopoly
right in the mark for the goods and services for which it is registered.

Distinguish yourself from your competitors

Don’t forget to actively police your brand – ensure it is always used consistently
and that no-one copies it or uses something close to it for similar services.

Be social media savvy

Consider using the brand as part of the naming for employee social media accounts, but think about encouraging employees to follow a particular format or code of conduct in using the account to be consistent with your brand. Also, it is easier to secure the removal of offending posts on social media websites if you have a registered trademark.

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