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8:50 am: Usually I arrive in the office just after 8:30 am but today I am going to a client’s board meeting with my supervisor, Joanna Corbett-Simmons, so she picks me up on the way. During the journey, she explains the purpose of the meeting to me and we discuss the nature of the client’s concerns.

9:50 am: We arrive in time for the client’s board meeting at 10 am. My supervisor explains the legal position to the client and the potential next steps while I take a detailed attendance note.

11:20 am: I return to the office after the board meeting. After checking my voicemail and emails to see if there is anything urgent I need to do, I begin typing up my attendance note. I prefer to do this straight away whilst everything is still fresh in my mind. One of the solicitors in the department asks me to prepare a schedule of costs by the end of the day on one of her matters.

12:00 pm: Once a month, we have a departmental meeting. As the trainee, it’s my job to take the minutes. As I’ve recently joined the department, it’s the first team meeting I’ve been to and it’s a good opportunity to find out what the fee earners are working on.

1:00 pm: A trainee lunch is planned. We discuss how each of our seats is currently going, as we recently moved departments. I’m in my second seat now. This catch up is helpful, as it gives me an idea of what I might like to opt to take as my next two seats.

2:00 pm: I get an email from Andy Davies, a senior solicitor in our insolvency practice. He would like me to do some research for a client on bankruptcy. Andy would like it back by early next week. I begin working on the schedule of costs and make a note of Andy’s deadline.

3:00 pm: Hannah James, a solicitor in the department, asks if I will prepare a witness statement for one of her clients. She’s out of the office today but asks me to begin preparing it in her absence. We agree that she will review it with me tomorrow afternoon.

4:30 pm: Our in-house barrister, Tom Walker, stops by my office, which I share with my supervisor. He has a preliminary hearing next week that he’s unable to attend. He’s arranged for Counsel to attend and asks if I will go along to meet the client. My role is to take a note of what is said to enable me to later transfer this into a memorandum. I confirm to Tom that I will attend and he asks me to read through the witness statements to familiarise myself with the case. We arrange to discuss further tomorrow.

4:50 pm: I finish the schedule of costs. Once drafted, I email it to the solicitor to review it. I have a couple of queries and ask my supervisor for clarification. It is sometimes useful to ask colleagues for advice rather than going straight to the partners, who can often be extremely busy.

6:00 pm: The local Junior Lawyers Division is holding a wine and cheese networking evening at a nearby law firm. I meet a couple of the other trainees and we walk over together. The event starts at 6:30 pm and we stay for a couple of hours before heading home.

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