Driving while banned

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Driving while banned
The number of people in Britain caught driving while already banned has increased by 7.5%, according to figures obtained by the BBC. 

The figures from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency show that 14,500 people were caught driving without a licence last year.  In total, 109,660 motorists were banned from driving aged between 12 and 94!

Blake Morgan's Tim Williamson commented: "The number of people committing this offence is surprisingly high.  The public campaigns to increase sentences for this offence have been successful and a person could hardly argue they were not aware they were banned or the implications of driving whilst disqualified because any person banned is always warned in court that if they are found driving a motor vehicle on a road or public place before their driving ban has expired they will be committing a serious offence.  They are warned that the starting point for sentencing is immediate custody.  Any person driving whilst disqualified will also invariably be driving without insurance, another offence taken very seriously by the courts."

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