STPs: a year in review

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Is it really only one year since STPs were announced?

A herculean effort has gone into drawing up the footprints and working with local authorities and neighbouring care organisations to discern priorities and discuss integrated working. Many of the areas can be proud of what has been achieved amid a backdrop of tough political and economic conditions as well as carrying on with business as usual. Click below to see how we have helped in 2016.

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How we have helped in 2016

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I for one remain cautiously optimistic; now is the time to face the complex challenges that dogged the NHS for decades. The scale of these problems may be new, but STPs take us back in a real sense to the Regional (if not Strategic) Health Authority models, where 'whole system' decisions can be taken. Our system demands nothing less than radical new operating practices to work with long-term solutions for long-term problems.

But how to deliver the 'S' as well as the 'T' – not just delivering transformation, but doing it sustainability – will be the focus of 2017. I see three key enablers of STPs:

  1. Effective open public engagement and consultation. The media and political noise surrounding STPs is only going to rise. The case for new care models has not been made clearly enough to either politicians and communities. Equally, the unsustainable nature of current models is just not accepted. We have consultation and engagement expertise on high-profile cases and know how to manage this proactively to encourage meaningful input.
  2. Robust but effective governance of the new care model relationships. There will be conflicting priorities between individual organisations and footprint areas. Blake Morgan understands the public sector landscape and the practical, political as well as governance challenges that have to be overcome. Our governance expertise can set the groundwork for those effective future working relationships.
  3. Sorting out 'at scale' back office solutions. Transactions for the transfer of services and IT integration. Having acted on many major service reorganisations, we know how to deliver joint ventures and outcome-based procurement you need.

I wish you all the best with your plan and prospects in 2017. If you wish to discuss any aspect to see how we could help you, do get in touch.

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