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Chris leads the Commercial Litigation team in the Thames Valley. He handles complex commercial and corporate disputes, often in multiple jurisdictions. His practice includes substantial fraud/breach of duty claims.

Main areas of practice

Chris' main areas of expertise include:

  • Corporate disputes
  • Fraud
  • Contract disputes.


He deals with a variety of companies and their shareholders, as well as insolvency practitioners.

Significant experience

Shareholder disputes: Chris has many years of experience in dealing with the affairs of companies, particularly disputes between shareholders, which often involve addressing a person's status as a shareholder, director and employee. He also works closely with corporate lawyers.

Company disputes: Deals with substantial disputes arising from the sale and purchase of companies, in particular warranty claims and disputes over earn out.

Fraud: Substantial experience in fraud and breach of duty claims, often involving worldwide freezing injunctions. In a recent case over £10 million of assets were recovered.

Other expertise

Other disputes: Experience of litigation (High Court and Court of Appeal), arbitration and mediation.

Insolvency: Deals with aspects of insolvency law as it relates to companies.


Articles by Chris

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